mino making sure a sleeping nam is actually asleep


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Mino filming Taehyun...


can i use of of your gifs as my sidebar image?

You’re more than welcome to use them, dear anon :”)


hi, i've been a big fan of this blog since a long time ago, but i just read the questions-answers about Quran and MTBD and i'm so glad with your answer, honestly. because lately it's been influence me to not to go to 2ne1 concert in my town bcs i feel like i'm betraying my religion. but now that i read ur answers, i'm satisfied. ahhaha. you've always been so wise. thanks.

Oh darling, you don’t need to thank me for anything. I just think there was a lot of misunderstandings going around at the time and so I can totally see how some Muslims Blackjacks would not want to support CL anymore but I’m more than happy to know that you have changed your mind because let me tell you, you are not betraying your religion in any way, shape, or form. What happened was not CL’s fault and therefore, no one should use the excuse that “because CL’s song contained Quranic lyrics, I am not a fan anymore.” It’s a false claim and it’s just a really childish and shallow thing to do.

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